Purpose The Values and Objectives of the xpand Foundation are fulfilled by acceptance of the pre-eminent importance of human rights for transforming society from its primary focus on growth in business and industrial capital to the celebration of growth in social inclusion and individual happiness.

The social economy provides social and individual happiness by meeting the fundamental needs for human survival and sustenance and provision of safe and inclusive communities, which are the foundation for the prosperity of any civil and democratic society.

It is therefore vital that the social economy expands and delivers new and innovative solutions to our significant and challenging social, economic and environmental issues. This is the xpand Foundation’s path to satisfying the needs of communities and individuals who have been excluded or inadequately supported by the private and public sectors.

The xpand Foundation brings a unique range of skills, experience and knowledge in the social economy in Australia and the Asia Pacific region as innovators, builders, managers, funders, and policy developers.

The xpand Foundation uses these skills, experience and knowledge to facilitate the establishment of not-for-profit social enterprise models that build the social and economic inclusion of low-income and disadvantaged communities. Such models focus on social and environmental outcomes as the primary measure of success. Unlike the traditional business enterprise model, profit maximisation is not the focus of a social enterprise. Returning a financial surplus is, of course, a critical requirement of any business to allow it to trade and meet employment and operating costs. A social enterprise aims to generate a financial surplus only to invest in advancing its social mission.

The xpand Foundation will nurture social enterprise initiatives that focus on environmental sustainability, universal education, digital participation, regional partnerships and ending poverty and hunger.

Partnerships and collaborative approaches are a key to social and economic inclusion. The xpand Foundation works with other organisations, government and the corporate sector to conduct and support the development of sympathetic projects.

Such projects will include community, voluntary and social enterprises that are concerned with the provision of food, shelter, livelihood, education, healthcare, community participation and justice.

Social and economic inclusion are at the centre of the development of any civil and democratic society and the xpand Foundation will therefore provide advice, support and mentoring that will allow people to develop to their full potential and maintain ownership of their social enterprises.