WithOneSeed works with communities in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region to make environments sustainable, to end poverty and hunger, to increase access to education and to build regional relationships.


Changing the world, one seed at a time.

WithOneSeed is a social enterprise that is taking action on climate change through reforestation projects in the Asia Pacific Region. It is dedicated to improving the resilience of subsistence communities to make environments sustainable, to end poverty and hunger, to deliver universal education and to create regional partnerships.

WithOneSeed in Australia

WithOneSeed is ‘planting’ seeds to enable Australian students to understand the impact of their technology use on the environment and become global citizens and support our subsistence neighbours in the Asia Pacific region.

WithOneSeed in Timor Leste

WithOneSeed is working with subsistence farming communities to generate an income from reforestation of their land and as a extension build local economies, boost education and training, and deliver social and economic participation.

WithOneSeed’s four commitments


We’re working for environmental sustainability, one seed at a time.

Reforestation is a key response to global climate change. It provides a highly effective form of carbon capture and storage while reducing soil erosion and degradation and improving the habitat and water table.

WithOneSeed works with subsistence farming communities in Timor Leste to establish village-based reforestation projects led by local Community Tree Cooperatives and nurseries.

Economic participation

We’re working to end poverty and hunger, one dollar at a time.

Increasing social and economic participation in subsistence communities, helps end poverty and hunger, provides education and training, creates employment opportunities, raises living standards and improves infrastructure.

WithOneSeed makes annual payments to members of the Community Tree Cooperatives for managing and maintaining trees. This significantly increases their annual income, which is less than a dollar a day in rural communities.

Open education

We’re working to build knowledge, one learning at a time.

WithOneSeed provides opportunities for children and adults in the Asia pacific region to gain access to education and training resources, to learn and to build knowledge at their own pace and within their own communities and to move beyond subsistence living.

Village-based Technology Resource Hubs provide communities with access to communications technology to deliver a range of education, training and e-learning programs that are universally accessible in the developed world.

Regional partnerships

We’re working to build relationships, one partner at a time.

WithOneSeed is building partnerships across the Asia Pacific region to build social and economic participation through educational, cultural and people‑to‑people links.

Establishing productive relationships will ensure the next generation understands their role and responsibilities as global citizens.